New Locations

Tunbridge Wells Library and Tunbridge Wells Adult Education Centre have moved to new premises for the duration of the building works.

The library has relocated to temporary premises in the nearby Royal Victoria Place shopping centre and is situated on Level 1 opposite Fenwick. It opened on Monday 11 November 2019, with an official launch on Saturday 7 December 2019. The temporary library also houses several cases displaying a selection of objects from the museum. The rest of the museum’s collection has been transported to a specialist storage facility, where it will be kept until the Amelia Scott opens.

All courses usually held at the Tunbridge Wells Adult Education Centre have been relocated to three alternative venues to enable Kent Adult Education to continue to provide the range and scale of adult learning within the Tunbridge Wells district. These venues are: TN2 Community Centre, Royal Victoria Place, and Corn Exchange House. More information about the courses that will be delivered from each location can be found here. Please note some courses currently delivered in Tunbridge Wells will be provided in Tonbridge for the 2019/20 academic year.

Looking to join a course in Tunbridge Wells? Whilst the new centre is being developed, you can still enrol on any course you like via the KAE website or by calling 03000 41 22 22. If you’d like to enrol in person, you can do so by simply stopping by any other Kent Adult Education centre. If you are enrolling on a course, please ensure that you check the location that your course will be delivered from.