Collecting Tomorrow - Amelia

Join us for a journey through time and innovation as we explore how new technology is transforming our museum and uncovering untold stories.

Collecting Tomorrow brings together the past and future to explore how museums are adapting to the digital age and harnessing technology to uncover untold stories, preserve our cultural heritage and engage with audiences in innovative ways. The exhibition features historical objects from the collection at The Amelia Scott together with the work of contemporary artists.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Listen to unheard stories from the past with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Explore how contemporary artists are questioning the influence of machine learning
  • Discover how digital scanning can help preserve museum objects
  • Engage in the debate and help tackle important questions like “How do you preserve an email?”

Featured artists Minne Atairu, Boris Eldagsen (known for an AI generated image that fooled photography prize judges) Jake Elwes, and Alex May prompt us to question the authenticity of objects and the role of the artist from different viewpoints.

Join us for this timely exhibition – don't miss your chance to learn more about the cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of museums and engage in the challenges and opportunities they present!

Collecting Tomorrow
The Amelia Scott - Exhibition Space
29 Sep 23 - 26 Nov 23

All Day
(During opening hours)



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